Our Commitment

The UCL Financial Group knows that financial independence is built on three cornerstones: Protection, Accumulation, and Retirement. Our experienced team of professionals has a proven track record in helping individuals successfully plan for their financial goals.


Life insurance and disability income are crucial in assuring your family is protected and your financial obligations are met in the event of your death or disability. Everyone has different needs when it comes to financial protection. The UCL Financial Group will help you determine the exact amount of insurance you need to provide quality protection for the smallest amount of premium dollars.

If you need a more complex service, such as estate planning, The UCL Financial Group will assist you in positioning your assets and insurance to help ensure your family enjoys a comfortable standard of living during your lifetime, while still protecting your family in the event of an untimely death. For some, without planning, over half their estate could be lost to estate taxes. We can help you direct assets to your heirs with emphasis on reducing the amount of taxes and expenses incurred by your estate.



The UCL Financial Group provides valuable guidance in asset accumulation. Our team advises individuals in savings alternatives and investments. Whether you need cash to assist in paying for education or other financial objectives, we can provide guidance on  financial strategies to help you meet your goals.

To help achieve use of before-tax and after-tax dollars. A financial professional will consult with you, assisting you in the completion of a financial statement and an analysis of your current and future financial picture. Your financial professional will help you recognize possible weaknesses and identify potential improvements. After developing and implementing your financial plan, you can rely on your advisor to assist you in periodic updates of your plan.



Retirement planning is an essential element of any financial plan. It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement. The UCL Financial Group will help you identify the most suitable methods to help save for retirement considering your specific financial situation. For financial planning in retirement years, we offer financial guidance to help ensure you have the extra income needed to supplement social security, pension plans, and existing savings and investments.